ENCIFER | Certus



PHARMACODYNAMICS: Encifer regulates metabolic processes. The Fe3+ polycyclic hydroxide while binding to the ligand-Apoferritin remains at the level of partial ferritin.  The Fe3+ hydroxide is surrounded by multi-core elements of the sucrose molecule, and as a result it is output through the kidneys in unchanged form. The molecular weight is 43 kD. It is deposited as 31 mg Fe throughout 24 hours. During injection of 100 mq Fe3+  Hb is increased as 2.3%; during pregnancy as 2%. There is no toxic effect.


PHARMACOKINETICS:  Tmax - 10 min.  Vd - in a stable condition is 31,8 lt. T ½ - 6 hours. After 24 hours, 75% of iron sucrose leaves the blood circulation system.



- Fe deficient anemia, including hemorrhagic anemia

- If not able to tolerate oral iron therapy

- Anemia during pregnancy

-If not able to receive it during gestosis

-Decrease of Hb due to premature detachment of the placenta, during hypoxia and anemia




-Anemia after childbirth

-Patients with chronic renal failure

-Anemic syndrome after chemotherapy and radiation therapy

-Hemorrhagic anemia after radical surgery

-Cancer cachexia



Hypersensitivity,hyperchromatosis, pregnancy, acute infectious diseases and polyvalent allergy.



Less than 1% is in the form of taste disturbances, decrease in blood pressure, nausea, vomiting. The hemosiderosis may occur in overdose. In these cases, the symptomatic treatment is assigned (intravenous deferoxamine chelating;   for children 15 g/s; for adults 5 g/s (up to 80 g/s).



Through intravenous administration.  It is not provided for intramuscular administration. Encifer is applied as bolus (droplets) or as  drip, and it is also possible through  the system of dialysis. At a dose of 100 mg, 1-3 times per a week, the weekly dose is 100 mg. Needs to be dissolved in a 0.9% solution of NaCl before administration. It is administered throughout 1-4 hours.

Bolus (droplets) administration:

Encifer can be administered without being dissolved. Not more than 1 ampoule per 1 administration.



In a box, № 5, ampoules of 5 ml.